A Weekend in Galway at the Connacht Hotel

Two weeks ago, we headed West for the weekend. I have already written about the car journey there, thankfully that was the only blip in what was a really lovely and very relaxing weekend.

I have mentioned in the past about the difficulty we have had over the past number of years finding hotel accommodation as a family of five and since becoming a family of six this has become even more challenging. This was not the case this weekend. Continue reading


Road Tripping Marriage Testing

We were away for the weekend. It was lovely, post to follow. We had to get there though. We went to Galway ( two hours door to door) not a great big excursion.  When we travel by car, the husband and I try to plan the drive around the baby’s nap, we make sure the kids are fed and watered. Standard parent behaviour but to be honest it’s rarely the children that cause the problems, it is us, or me but let’s go with us, the husband and I.  Continue reading


Home Alone

I am currently home alone. It is rare that this happens. It is blissfully quiet. I sometimes feel almost pressured to do things when I have this rare quiet time.  I should add the husband and kids are gone to the park, not outside the country or even the county. The window of opportunity to do all the things alone is at most two hours long.

When they first go, I wander around embracing the quiet , overwhelmed by all the things I can do now that I have time to myself. Continue reading


Team No Sleep

The new one isn’t so new anymore. In a couple of weeks she will be two. She isn’t a fan of sleep. This isn’t my first time at the sleep deprivation rodeo and for the most part its fine. My first two children slept well. They slept from early on. This was clearly down to me being an amazing parent……….Then I had two more children. Some babies sleep, some don’t. I know that and generally I am okay with this but it’s getting in on me now as we reach two years of broken sleep. I am ageing more rapidly than I should. I have a constant greyish pallor  and I need too much caffeine to function. This is currently how our sleep pattern goes but is subject to rapid and unexplained change. Continue reading


Ways in Which I Disappointed My Children This Week.

As always,this list is not exhaustive………..

When I wasn’t aware maths has changed, again. Who can keep up? Not me ,to my son’s disappointment. I dare you to say “carry the one” next time you are helping with maths homework. It’s a sure-fire way to break an 8-year-old.

When I sang  50 Cent’s In Da Club on the walk to school on my daughters tenth birthday .

When I put my foot down on the tandem feeding and refused to breastfeed Olaf from Frozen.
Continue reading


Things To Do In Dublin Over The Easter Holidays

Nearly a week in already and practically  two weeks to go, yesterday proved the point to me that we need to get out of the house every day to protect our sanity. Here a couple of things we have done/ are doing over the holidays in Dublin.

The Ark are running a really wonderful event at the minute, Put Yourself In The Picture, to celebrate the centenary of the Easter Rising. We were there over the weekend and I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s suitable for ages 4+ and the children create a self-portrait using art, photography and writing. Continue reading


A Plague Upon My House

Relatively speaking this is a healthy household. Last month, the flu struck in various strengths knocking out some of us but not all of us. Two weeks of illness through the house. It was long but we all recovered. I was optimistic that was our annual illness out-of-the-way.

Monday night, the baby was sick during the night. Nothing too bad. I didn’t  think too much off it and she was still a bit off on Tuesday but mostly fine. I went to bed on Tuesday night reassured she was better oblivious to the Armageddon like hell that would await me the next morning.  Continue reading


Get Crafty by Ali Coghlan- A gorgeous book and a give away.

I am a member of the can’t craft, don’t craft club. I joined after too many failed attempts and helping my kids make anything and now I rely on my kids to unleash their artistic sides in school. Our craft box, until this week, was lying dusty with a few broken pipe cleaners and some four-year old paints. I am shit. I am a shit crafting parent. My kids enthusiastically gather recyclable items to make art from and I put them in the green bin when they go to bed.  Continue reading