Thoughts From The Side of A Mountain in Co Kerry

We spent the weekend in Kerry.  Yesterday morning, the kids went pony trekking. Prices were negotiated, kids were placed on horses, there was much hustle and bustle and off we went, up a hill.

I started off walking beside the eldest leading her horse but the horse’s face was right beside my face so that lasted for about 30 feet. I like horses. I love watching them on racecourses and when they win me money. I appreciate how beautiful they are and my eldest child in particular, loves them. I have watched her horse riding loads of times but never this close. So after about 30 feet, I realised it wasnt going to work, there was just a lot of horse face near my face, it was too much. So I took over pushing the buggy and the husband took over with the horse leading and off we set again. The seven and five-year old on their ponies led by a young fella, the husband leading the eldest’s horse and me pushing the buggy. The man who ran the pony trekking told us to stay back as horses aren’t a fan of buggies and smirked as we walked away up the mountain.  Continue reading

The Tooth Fairy- That's the main drain on my tiny income this month.

13 Unexpected Costs of Raising Small Children

Before I had children, I had an idea of costs. Clothes, food, shoes, Christmas etc. You never really think of the other costs the ones that sneak up on you and use up all of your disposable income. These are some of the reasons I don’t have nice things.


1.The Tooth Fairy. She is due to visit again tonight. Its her 7 th visit in two weeks. SEVENTH. Three children all of wiggly tooth age with one teething ready to start the drain on my disposable income all over again in a few years time.  An elaborate tooth fairy rates card has come about over the years, with different rates for different teeth. So one has to remember not only to put the money out and retrieve the tooth, one has to remember the correct coin and the fucking glitter. Precious first-born lost her  first tooth, seemed like a nice idea. It was a stupid idea. Don’t introduce it. Also I have a box of teeth in my room. A box of body parts if you will. Why do we do that? What do people do with them? Am I meant to just store them indefinitely?  Continue reading


Konmari Stumbling Block – Magic Tidying Part 3


6 WEEKS LATER- The Magic Tidying is still happening. I have hit a stumbling block over the last few weeks though some of which I am blaming on my injury. My roller skating injury. Yes. The kids had roller skating on their Summer list so we went roller skating. I fell. This is not surprising. I haven’t been near a pair of roller skates in close to 30 years. I fell within seconds of having the stupid things on my feet. It was a short, sharp fall on my arse. Its been nearly three weeks. Three weeks of moving like an arthritic 75-year-old every time I have to move off a seat.  People have asked what happened me when they see me grimacing in pain and as if the shame of falling when skating wasn’t enough, I get to tell people about it, over and over again. Continue reading

no human is illegal

No Human Is Illegal

I read about the photograph of Aylan Kurdi’s body before I saw it. I read posts last night on social media and I didn’t click the links. I didn’t want to see. Then I woke up this morning and the image of this tiny boy was everywhere and I couldn’t not see it.

I am aware of the refugee crisis. I have been for months. I read the papers daily. I watch the news. I watched a documentary during the Summer. Of course I felt distressed and upset and horrified but I didn’t do anything. Continue reading

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The Littlest One

The new one is 15 months old. I love this age, they start to become good company around now , the small humans. It’s not just the loop of feeding, changing, washing, feeding, changing, they start to become fun. I think their personalities start to really shine through around the 15 month mark. The personality we are seeing from this one, is full on bat shit crazy at times. Great news for her future friends, I am sure she is going to be great craic to go out on the piss with in twenty years time, as a parent it’s entertaining with twinges of holy fuck what is she going to be like as a toddler, tween, teenager etc. Continue reading


Konmari With Kids -The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying – Part Two


Part Two- Konmari with Kids

Three weeks in………..

The whole tidying at once and intensely is indeed intense. The house is in a state of flux, there are things pulled out of drawers, a skip outside and boxes everywhere but its good, I am getting through it. I originally thought the whole thing would take me a month but I may need to revise that upwards.

I wrote already about tidying all my clothes, the husbands and the hotpress of doom.

Next up was the kids stuff. I have four children. They have a lot of crap things. I decided I needed them on board so I tried to explain what I was doing and even offered to read the book to them; they declined although the eldest read bits and pieces of it. Continue reading


Win A Buddybag – Making Tidying Up Toys Easier!

In keeping with the clutter free/ magic tidying theme of August, the nice people at have given me a personalised navy bag to give away.

The Buddybags were designed by Irish parents of three, to assist with the problem that is  the tidying up  of small toys. They wanted a product that would encourage their children to be independent in tidying up and in doing so make their life easier and so the Buddybag was born. Continue reading