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F&F – Clothing at Tesco,Back to School Shopping- Our Thoughts

Back to School COSTS

The Irish League of Credit Unions recently surveyed over 1000 parents on back to school costs. As a parent of three primary school going children, their findings didn’t shock me. Their results showed the cost of back to school has increased each year over the past four, over 30% of parents will get into debt for back to school costs and  one in ten parents will sacrifice spending on food to make up the costs. The research found that back to school costs ( including extra-curricular activities) now stands at €967 for primary school children and €1474 for secondary school children.  You can read their full findings here and their advice is “Avoid Money Lenders, Shop around and Plan a Budget” Continue reading


Summer Reads- 10 Books To Read in Summer 2016

I mentioned my summer reading list in my Summer Goals post yesterday and a couple of people asked me what was on it so I decided to add it here. I have lofty ambitions of holidaying with four children and getting loads of time to read. I know, deluded.  Fortunately, for this purpose only , I have regular bouts of  insomnia and a child who still wakes at night so I will get to read the following over the summer. Continue reading

16 Goals for Summer 2016

Achievable Summer Goals

Most Summer’s I write up a generally unattainable list of things to do over the Summer with the children. Some years, I hang this list on the fridge and it acts as a daily reminder of how high my hopes are at the beginning of each July and then as a tool to cover myself in extra mother guilt when we don’t get to the half of the things on the list. Continue reading

Helping a small girl get over her fear

Helping A Small Girl Get Over Her Fear.

My six year old isn’t scared of many things. She is mostly fearless. The only real thing that scares her is anything medical. She had minor surgery when she was a toddler. She doesn’t remember it but maybe this is the reason for her fears. Thankfully she is rarely sick .

A couple of years ago  I brought my children for an eye test. The eldest two had their eye tests quickly and easily as expected. My third child was I think four at the time. She informed me she wouldn’t be getting her eyes tested. When it was her turn to go into the optician , she repeated her refusal. I explained to the the very friendly optician that my child was a bit nervous and might not go ahead with the test, he assured me he had years of experience of children and it wouldn’t be a problem and he came out to meet her. She stopped him with one look. Continue reading


Upcoming Family Events in Dublin This Summer

Just over a week to go until Summer properly begins and school finishes. I cannot wait. I am over it all, my kids are over it. We are done. I am looking forward to lots of doing nothing and also looking forward to some of the holiday at home days. I love Dublin in the summertime and there are a couple of great events coming  up in the next few weeks I thought I would share and I will post up some more over the next couple of weeks if you are in Dublin or surrounding areas or planning to visit Dublin over the summer.  Continue reading


Birth Order and Toddler Life

I’ve always been interested in birth order and its effects, if any,  on a person’s personality.  The personalities of first-born children ( I am one), middle child syndrome, if it actually exists and how the baby of families can sometimes always be treated as the baby even when they are an adult. Of the first 23 astronauts sent into space by NASA, 21 of them were first-born, the other two were only children, apparently.  Some research shows first-born’s score higher on IQ tests and in exams, earn more and are generally more law-abiding and conservative than second/middle/last born children.

There is another rake of research on middle born children and their sometime pre occupancy with fairness or rather unfairness but research suggests they are generally more laid back, peacekeeping people. Continue reading


A Weekend in Galway at the Connacht Hotel

Two weeks ago, we headed West for the weekend. I have already written about the car journey there, thankfully that was the only blip in what was a really lovely and very relaxing weekend.

I have mentioned in the past about the difficulty we have had over the past number of years finding hotel accommodation as a family of five and since becoming a family of six this has become even more challenging. This was not the case this weekend. Continue reading