Semi Redundant


I have noticed of late that I don’t have to answer so many questions . If one of the children asks a question, one of the others usually chimes in with an answer. This will hopefully come in handy when the new one hits the but why stage in a year or two.  A bigger or sometimes smaller sibling will answer a homework question or give a more detailed reply to a question than I do. Its good. Continue reading


Timeline of a Third Birth

I wrote this a few years ago but never shared it. She is six today.

Monday 25th January 2010- I was 38 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had my first two children  under the care of a private obstetrician. Both births were induced but  quick and no problems until afterwards. I had two PPH’s ( post partum haemorrhages ) after both  births. Third time round I changed hospital and went with 100% midwife care. I had a standard appointment that Monday morning where my midwife examined me and told me she felt the baby would arrive sooner rather than later and she’d expect to see me within 48 hours. I didn’t feel it myself and took myself home. Pottered around for the day and gave a thought to finishing packing my labour bag but didn’t get around to that and went for a nap instead. That evening I sat down to my dinner , I felt a bit uncomfortable but no pain. At 7pm my mother phoned me, I assured her all was fine and there would be no baby anytime soon and I would talk to her tomorrow. 


7.10pm- I felt a bit of niggle, then a cramp, then it stopped. Continue reading


There Should Be Privacy In Dying

Everybody has their own tales of how the Irish health system let them down. Sitting on waiting lists for years, sitting on trolleys in corridors. We all have our own experiences of how the HSE has failed us or failed somebody we love.  There are almost daily accounts in the media of how the healthcare system in Ireland continues to fail.

My Nana read these accounts, My Nana watched these stories on the news. My Nana had brief stints in hospital over the last twenty  years and experienced overcrowded a&e departments and noisy hospital wards. Continue reading


The Time I Bought Another Life Size Animal and Other Thoughts on Santa Toys


Santa done good this year. These are some of the favourites:


Sing Along Elsa



I thought she would be a pain the hole, she isn’t. I love her.  I am pitch perfect on Let It Go now and the microphone has to be wrestled from my hand similar to the way a karaoke microphone used to have to be when I had consumed buckets of vodka and thought I was Beyonce. Continue reading


Occupation: Washer Woman.


I was filling out a form the other day and I came very close to stating my occupation as being a washer woman. All I do is laundry. I wash the clothes, I dry the clothes and I put away the clothes. I don’t iron the clothes because I also have to feed the children, dress the children, drive the children to  places, collect the children from  places, spend considerable amounts of time and money in supermarkets and breathe; so I don’t have time to iron. Washer woman would be the most apt description of what I do at the minute. I am a sleep deprived washer woman.  Continue reading