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The Littlest One

The new one is 15 months old. I love this age, they start to become good company around now , the small humans. It’s not just the loop of feeding, changing, washing, feeding, changing, they start to become fun. I think their personalities start to really shine through around the 15 month mark. The personality we are seeing from this one, is full on bat shit crazy at times. Great news for her future friends, I am sure she is going to be great craic to go out on the piss with in twenty years time, as a parent it’s entertaining with twinges of holy fuck what is she going to be like as a toddler, tween, teenager etc. Continue reading


Konmari With Kids -The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying – Part Two


Part Two- Konmari with Kids

Three weeks in………..

The whole tidying at once and intensely is indeed intense. The house is in a state of flux, there are things pulled out of drawers, a skip outside and boxes everywhere but its good, I am getting through it. I originally thought the whole thing would take me a month but I may need to revise that upwards.

I wrote already about tidying all my clothes, the husbands and the hotpress of doom.

Next up was the kids stuff. I have four children. They have a lot of crap things. I decided I needed them on board so I tried to explain what I was doing and even offered to read the book to them; they declined although the eldest read bits and pieces of it. Continue reading


Win A Buddybag – Making Tidying Up Toys Easier!

In keeping with the clutter free/ magic tidying theme of August, the nice people at have given me a personalised navy bag to give away.

The Buddybags were designed by Irish parents of three, to assist with the problem that is  the tidying up  of small toys. They wanted a product that would encourage their children to be independent in tidying up and in doing so make their life easier and so the Buddybag was born. Continue reading


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying – Part One

I read  the book pretty much in one go.Of course I had a healthy dose of skepticism before reading but my enthusiasm and determination probably outweighed it. The book isn’t long and I would absolutely recommend reading it in full before getting started.

At first some of the ideas, Marie Kondo, puts across seem bizarre but as I went on through the book they started to make more sense. The basic premise is you do one de-cluttering of your home and you will never have to do it again, you only keep the items that “spark joy” and every item should have a place in your home. Continue reading