What I Will Be Mostly Wearing This Autumn/Winter

A couple of years ago I received this as a gift for Christmas.

The Magicozy

The Magicozy

I am not going to lie, I was quite horrified. Not so horrified that I threw it out but horrified enough for it to live behind a set of drawers for the last few years. I found it again and took it out last week. I was laughing at its hideous as I took it out of the box and read its sales pitch on the box.

” A Brand New Touch of Magic. Magicosy- Keeps You Warm and Your Hands Free

Cozy blanket does not slip and slide like a regular blanket so it keeps you warm from head to toe while allowing complete freedom of movement.”

Then I put it in on. It was a thing of magnificence.I have had it on pretty much since. When I am not at home, I am thinking about it all the time, counting down the hours, till I can wear it again.

Firstly it is like a brushed fleece, so soft, its like it is hugging you gently as your wear it. All the troubles of the day slip away as you put it on and the world is right again. It is a magic blanket.

Just like it promises on the box you can do anything when wearing it AND it does not slip or slide like a regular blanket. AMAZING. Whilst walking around it, it glides around me. I feel almost regal until I see my reflection but I just hurry past the mirror.

Also as you will see from the stylish packing it  folds into a cushion for storage. What the box doesn’t list is the other advantages to this remarkable piece of transformation design. Firstly if someone calls unexpectedly,in Wonder Woman style fashion, you can remove the magic blanket and have it back to an innocent looking cushion in seconds. Secondly whilst wearing the magic blanket, there is a pouch, where it transforms back to a cushion. This pouch is most useful as I can glide to the kitchen and stock the pouch up with snacks and even bottled drinks. Fabulous.

What People Are Saying About The Magicozy*

* By people I mean my family as while I love the blanket, I am aware, I cannot wear it outside. 

The Husband: “You look like a fucking hobo” – I suspect he is secretly jealous and would actually love one.

The Eldest Daughter: ” Are you actually wearing a blanket?” This question was asked with a look of total disdain. At seven, she is clearly cooler than me.

The Youngest Daughter didn’t even say anything just looked me up and down with a look of complete horror on her face.

The Boy: “Mammy you look lovely and so comfy, can I give you a cuddle?”.  I love him.

I realize I’m on a slippery slope to buying and wearing  onesie pyjamas and/or wearing pyjamas outside and my sex life is bound to take a hit from my Autumn/Winter attire. I don’t care. Its my magic blanket with sleeves and I love it.

14 thoughts on “What I Will Be Mostly Wearing This Autumn/Winter

  1. Dr Hows Science Wows (@sciencewows) says:

    Think I’ve been duped ;0( I had one but obviously a cheapo version…. not so plush, never stayed on right and fell apart at the seams straight away! Plus the “vertically challenged” me kept tripping over the ends of it if I tried to walk around! However, you have given me hope…. the problem was not with me (obviously!!) but with the brand! I will keep searching and strive for better ;0)

  2. SusieChopstick says:

    Yup – the Slanket. I actually had a summer version in the guise of a Kaftan that I got at a jumble sale for 50p years ago. It was the multipurpose lounge garment. Plus there was a kind of middle eastern mystique to it…wonder whatever happened to it?

    Enjoy your magicozy, and never mind the naysayers, they’re only jealous.

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