Parenting Fail Number 4531- You Should Always Hide The Sweets


Yesterday was my 8th Halloween as a parent. I should know better. I am currently barricaded in the kitchen, hiding.

We had a lovely day yesterday, being very unorganised, I had to make a last-minute run to the over-priced supermarket to buy treats. €42 out of the weekly shopping budget on crap but it was Halloween, these things are necessary. The kids dressed up and off we went trick or treating. Their haul was large. The trick or treating took so long we missed callers to our house so €42 worth of sweets sat waiting for us upon our return along with three bags stuffed full of e numbers from their expedition around the estate.


The youngest two fell asleep early. The excitement wore them out. The eldest and I had some many sweets and went to bed. Due to all the sugar consumption nobody slept well. The bed filled up by midnight so I left them to it and went to sleep in the youngest’s bed. Due to the interrupted sleep, I was groggy this morning, I turned off the snooze button and slept on an extra half an hour.

Mistake one: Not cleaning up last night before rolling up to bed full of chocolate and not securing the bags of chocolate and sweets in a high place.

Mistake two: Not getting up first this morning.

I came downstairs at 8am to the sounds of laughter and children speed talking. There was a trail of sweet wrappers and empty packets all over the floor. All three were lying on the couch, sweets everywhere, slightly jittery movements, eyes roaming around the room and talking fast, all at once. I backed out slowly and text the husband

The kids are off their heads

His jaunty reply:

Yeah I left them on the couch, they were milling sweets

Gas. He left them with the chocolate and skipped off to the sanctuary of work for 9 hours.

I cautiously made my way back in. Gathered up the remainder of the haul and made cereal. I left the room and when I came back the boy was dropping chocolate into his Weetabix. They couldn’t eat their breakfast. They then ran around in a circle for 40 minutes with waving their arms and roaring. The sugar is wearing off now. The comedown is not great. I am barricaded in the kitchen. I can hear them but I can’t see them. They are beginning to snarl at each other. There have been tears. I think they possibly found more crap to consume because there is the odd lull in their screaming and I think I can hear chewing. I’m not going out there. There remains about €150 worth of sweets in the house and no food for dinner. I don’t want to eat €150 worth of crap but do I want them to eat it? What will I do?

I am not coming out from the kitchen. I’m just going to sit here with the treats till the comedown passes, berating my stupidity. It’s a fundamental parenting rule: you always hide the sweets before you go to bed on Halloween night, I can’t believe I made such an amateur mistake. The punishment of the day I am about to have suits the idiocy of my crime.

8 thoughts on “Parenting Fail Number 4531- You Should Always Hide The Sweets

  1. Amanda Martin (writermummy) says:

    Oh dear, am I allowed to laugh? I ate all the stuff we bought for trick or treaters about a week ago so we were lucky only one brave soul ventured our way. i’m so glad we don’t do Halloween in a big way here yet… Wishing you a sugar-crash afetrnoon of peace.

  2. Fran McGrath says:

    LOL…sorry that was cruel. All I can say is if you move in the near future move to a small estate (mine only has 27 houses thank god) or the middle of no where! It would help to reduce the haul and the temptation of the sweets being in the house. (Or do what I did and left hubbie with the kids to do the Halloween thing whilst I made the 4hr round trip to drop a friend off at Dublin airport……..much less stressful!)

  3. Aedin says:

    Ha ha-oh dear!I have quite a lot of sweets left too but only 1 little toddler who cant get to the kitchen by herself. I envisage this very scene occuring in a few years though!Does no one buy monkey nuts or mandarins/apples anymore?I actually liked these as a child but Im guessing kids today would be severly underwhelmed at the prospect of finding these items in their trick or treat bags!

  4. Clauds says:

    That summed up our morning. Left the sweets out, I got up last and the boys were wired by the time I came down. Brought them out for a big cycle to use up that energy. They are ready to collapse now and I plan on locking myself in the kitchen with the entire pack of treat size malteesers!!!!

  5. socialbridge says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you remind me of a time, never, ever to be forgotten when I scoffed a family box of mini Easter eggs at dawn one Easter Sunday. I haven’t looked at an Easter Egg, mini or mega since. So, there’s hope!

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