Hotels of Ireland. A Rant.

Things that are difficult to do with four children. Part two –  Book a Hotel In Ireland.


Today I spent many hours trying to book a hotel room.

Things it would be easier to do than book a hotel in Ireland for 2 adults and 4 children:

  • teach myself to speak fluent Japanese.
  • find a pot a gold at the end of a rainbow guarded by a cheerful leprechaun.
  • convince a country and western singer to play 5 concerts in Ireland.
  • make a hotel out of loom bands.
  • toilet train my 9 week old.
  • find my very own unicorn to live in my garden.
  • create the solution for world peace.


Do hotels not realize there are many families who have more than two children? Booking websites let me down by continuously suggesting interconnecting rooms. Interconnecting rooms are two rooms. I don’t want two rooms. My children are too small to sleep in a hotel room alone and I don’t want to pay for two hotel rooms. Call me cheap but I don’t want to spend 1000 euro on a three night break where it will most likely piss rain and I don’t want a self catering mini break, my whole life is self catering.

I took to phoning hotels, “4 children…………..IN ONE ROOM” the well spoken reservations agents exclaimed “Goodness no”.  On my last phone call, out of desperation, I  told the hotel my children were so small they would all fit in one single bed , which was a blatant lie but I was desperate.  I was painting a full on Darby O’Gill and the Little People scenario,my little fairy miniscule children. I think I even used the word wee to describe them. Wee little miniature children “Shure they practically fit in my pocket” I  told her in my new  Oirish fake accent that I had adopted . I don’t know why. Desperation, frustration, who knows. It worked or it might work. She felt sorry for me and told me to give her name if we run into problems on arrival. Hurray for persistence and fake accents and maternity leave which allowed me spend five hours trying to book a hotel room. A hotel room, in the middle of nowhere,in an area I had no desire to visit. Win.

darby o gill




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  1. Four Walls, Rainy Days says:

    I’ve more a vision of the Grandparents in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory type arrangement! Yes, as a child we were often dismayed that none of the competitions would let us all go on holiday to Disneyland together, we’d have to leave one child at home. Bit silly, this “family of four” set attitude.

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