Because her pained face is better than mine

Yes I Was Aware Of That


Why do people persist in telling me things I already know and/or stating the bleedin’ obvious. This week alone, I have been told the following. I just say yes, the bits in bold, I say in my head.  My tolerance levels this week are low, very low. 

Sometimes it's best to say nothing at

You look tired. Yes. I know that, I have a mirror. I am so tired that if I started telling you just how tired I am we would both end up crying  from the horror and also,  thanks ,clearly my make up and showered state is going nothing to hide it.

That royal baby has been christened already, course  you haven’t gotten around to christening the baby yet. Yes.  There are some ways in which myself and the royal family in the UK differ which is why they probably got around to baptising their child a bit quicker than I have. 

You have a lot of helpers. Yes. As my children ransack supermarket shelves throwing additional sugary treats into the trolley as they are off their heads on sugary doughnuts. Yes. They are a HUGE help in this soul crushing bi-weekly  money burning, tolerance testing exercise that is food shopping and they didn’t pay for those doughnuts.

That’s a lot of laundry. Yes. Thank god you pointed that out, I never would have realised.

The baby has no socks on, her feet are freezing. Yes. Ring up and report me to someone, I  double dog dare you.

You’re still breastfeeding. Yes. That is  the reason why I am sitting in your company with one boob out. 

Is that your dog? Yes. That is why I am walking it and four children at the same time, really, I am unlikely to steal pets to add to things I am responsible for.

Did you change the car? Yes. No we painted and shrunk the other one.

She will choke on that. *smilesDo you actually think I would hand my child something that could potentially kill her or is this some weird freaky premonition/ spell you are casting like the bad fairy in Sleeping Beauty? Because that is just weird.


Because her pained face is better than mine

Because her pained face is better than mine



12 thoughts on “Yes I Was Aware Of That

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    I don’t know what it is with people (mainly grandparents, mind you) and baby feet. Then again, if all they have to say about your baby’s well being is that s/he has no socks on, then it means that you’re doing a pretty good job.

  2. Fionnuala says:

    I had the sock thing twice in one day this week and it was 30 degrees here. He didn’t need socks, in fact he needed nothing more than a nappy really. Plus my middle child poked me in the tummy yesterday and said I think you have a new baby in there. So, you are not alone 🙂 But I can understand your anger. I really can.

  3. Susie Chopstick says:

    I love the ‘You have great help there,’ – usually said by a lady on her own with a small basket of stuff , just behind you in the supermarket – when you start getting frazzled at the checkout because your older girl is sitting on one of the seats begging you for two euro to put in the bouncy ball vending machine, your middle child is chatting up a stranger at the photo printing station and your toddler is pulling the trolley in and out from the counter and trapping your fingers every.single.time. he does it. And you can’t remember your pin number. I usually smile and say something like, yes it’s great, while hoping someone notices the muscle twitching under my eye and brings me off for a cuppa and a lie down, only to pack my car and pacify them all with loop the loops and fix the air conditioning before I drive home.
    You see, you have struck a chord. As you always do. Fair play to you, you’re doing just fine. And showering alone is GREAT, isn’t it?

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