Konmari Stumbling Block – Magic Tidying Part 3


6 WEEKS LATER- The Magic Tidying is still happening. I have hit a stumbling block over the last few weeks though some of which I am blaming on my injury. My roller skating injury. Yes. The kids had roller skating on their Summer list so we went roller skating. I fell. This is not surprising. I haven’t been near a pair of roller skates in close to 30 years. I fell within seconds of having the stupid things on my feet. It was a short, sharp fall on my arse. Its been nearly three weeks. Three weeks of moving like an arthritic 75-year-old every time I have to move off a seat.  People have asked what happened me when they see me grimacing in pain and as if the shame of falling when skating wasn’t enough, I get to tell people about it, over and over again.

Fun fun times but you know the kids enjoyed it, whats a never-ending arse injury when the kids get to make memories. ….. If you are considering going to a roller disco, reconsider, seriously. There isn’t even a safety bar around the side. Its hell, hell on roller skates with a cheesy pop song soundtrack.

The Devil Skates.

The Devil Skates.

So the arse pain has slowed the tidying down and I also just seemed to get stuck. I had been following Marie Kondo’s rules and doing everything in order but its the last stage that is causing the problems. The Kimomo, all the miscellaneous crap that is overwhelming me now. I have half done lots of things and the rest lies in boxes and half emptied drawers. Crap is spilling out of its cramped shanty town home and I have been ignoring it. Four suitcases have been lined along the side of my bed for three weeks now. They aren’t sparking joy. I am not moving out or going anywhere, yet still they sit there. When I get overwhelmed by it all, I just open my hot press and look at the neatness and go back to ignoring the chaos.

For the first time ever, the upstairs of my house is in a reasonable condition whilst the downstairs looks like we have been burgled. I know what people ( family members) are thinking when they walk into my house. They are thinking Jaysus this one is on the internet boasting about cleaning and the state of her gaf. I can see it all over their faces. I obviously want to scream quick come upstairs look at the hotpress but nobody does that, so I have resisted, so far. I know what they are thinking and I don’t say anything and that’s where I am at.

My book cases are causing me much stress. I got rid of hundreds of books but I can’t rearrange my book shelves. No matter what way I do it they don’t look they have jumped off the page of a Scandinavian interiors magazine. This does not spark any joy. Marie Kondo promises it will all click so I am just waiting for that to happen, any day now………..

I will get there. One other side effect of the book- I have stopped buying most stuff. I got money for my birthday almost a month ago and I still have some of it. I have walked around shops and not bought things because I know I don’t need them. This is a first for me. This is as a result of the book. I say stopped buying most things. Most things do not include storage boxes. I can’t stop buying them. I never noticed them before but they are everywhere, waiting.  I may need a storage box intervention at some stage. Look at this one though? So pretty.

Do you know how many hair bobbins could live in here? Loads, that's how many.

Do you know how many hair bobbins could live in here? Loads, that’s how many.

As well as storage boxes , I bought a mug and hand towels instead of boots. I don’t know who I am anymore. The mug sparks the joy.


So tomorrow, I will tackle the crap. Soon everything will have a home and I will be in control of all aspects of my life and be amazing. I will keep you posted.

magic artKonmari Part 3

Stuff dumped: Too much to even count or mention.

Tiny storage boxes bought: A lot.

Suitcases that are living beside my bed: Four

Konmari Game: Poor.

15 thoughts on “Konmari Stumbling Block – Magic Tidying Part 3

  1. joanfrankham says:

    Well done on the short list, I am there also but in the Travel section, just voted for you, cos I can’t vote for myself anymore! You just reminded me again about that book, I must get my act together and get it.

  2. Mhairi says:

    Ahh! I also got stuck in Komono land. I found your blog actually, while searching #konmari on IG for inspiration to keep going! Komono seems to be a sluggish spot for most I know who are KMing their lives. A bit more relaxed than the “clothes” “papers” etc of categories before?

    Anyway, keep going!! I want to have the smug perfect thing too!

  3. Amanda S. says:

    Maybe it’s time to try a FlyLady trick. Set a timer for 15 minutes – 10 or 5 if that’s all you can give it. Do whatever chore is eating you the most for that time, and when the timer goes off, leave it and go back to whatever you were doing previously. You can do about anything for 15 minutes – and bit by bit you get the mountain whittled away. Timers have become my best pal. They keep me focused on doing the things I don’t like doing, but promise me I don’t have to do them TOO long.

  4. tendernessontheblock says:

    Vote cast. Konmari cleaning deferred for another while. After reading your previous instalments and Roisin Ingle’s column last weekend, I was about to do the needful till I read this one. Any excuse. I loved roller discos though. The slow set especially.

    • The Clothesline says:

      Thank you! You should still on konmari, I am back on track, all the kids rooms sparking joy all over the shop.

      There was a guy at the roller disco straight from the 80s. Blowdried highlighted hair, stonewash jeans. 40 ish. Skating backwards, blue steel look and his girlfriend sat on adoringly watching him. It was nearly worth the arse injury to witness it.

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