Ways in Which I Disappointed My Children This Week.

As always,this list is not exhaustive………..

When I wasn’t aware maths has changed, again. Who can keep up? Not me ,to my son’s disappointment. I dare you to say “carry the one” next time you are helping with maths homework. It’s a sure-fire way to break an 8-year-old.

When I sang  50 Cent’s In Da Club on the walk to school on my daughters tenth birthday .

When I put my foot down on the tandem feeding and refused to breastfeed Olaf from Frozen.

When I turned down my six year olds request to go out for dinner to the local Italian restaurant. I could have just said no. There was no need to give her a brief overview of taxes, utilities, the cost of food. When I got to the debacle of Irish Water she looked like she was going to cry. I stopped, 10 minutes after I should have, and  just said no we are eating a substandard meal ,as usual, at home.

When I wouldn’t let the small child, the toddler, the one who is not yet two and wears nappies, go the bathroom in a shopping centre.

When I was not able to list off 10 interesting facts about Bengal Tigers off the top of my head, whilst driving.

When I took chopsticks off them when they were trying to eat cereal with them.

When I suggested we see if there are any more commemorative Easter Rising events we could attend.

When I got the words wrong to that ridiculous song about once being 7/ 30/ 70 years old.

When I continued  to get the words wrong to the same stupid song.

When I made them cry by suggesting we should give up sugar.

When I started conversations with ” Well I didn’t have Google when I was a child and…………”

When I didn’t bring a selection of umbrella’s that we don’t own to collect them from school.

When I gave the small child a red fork and she wanted a purple fork and when I didn’t immediately understand what the problem was because the only colour she knows is blue.

When they read this in the future and think Jesus she is such an Irish Ma.



Disappointed angry face, mastered.






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13 thoughts on “Ways in Which I Disappointed My Children This Week.

  1. trishnugentwriter says:

    Memories of my boys growing up…When I suggested carrying the one they asked…carry it where? ….I stopped helping with maths after that.They’re all in their twenties now and btw they tell me I’m such an Irish ma, all the time…I still have 16 yr old girl giving me grief…jaysis!!

  2. Bumbles of Rice says:

    That song is ridiculous. What did he say to an eleven year old? Seriously! Great parenting, kids need to know how to deal with disappointment from an early age. It’ll stand to them.

  3. fancypaperblog says:

    At least you have a colourful selection of tableware, want to help with homework and involve them in activities and I bet you got umbrellas since….as for breastfeeding Olaf I agree. Put your foot down at snowman cold nipples!! My 23 month old had full scratchy screamy melt down as there wasn’t a door on the right side of her pink pushcar. Only the left. She tried to get in the window. Couldn’t fit. Holy war!

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