16 Goals for Summer 2016

Achievable Summer Goals

Most Summer’s I write up a generally unattainable list of things to do over the Summer with the children. Some years, I hang this list on the fridge and it acts as a daily reminder of how high my hopes are at the beginning of each July and then as a tool to cover myself in extra mother guilt when we don’t get to the half of the things on the list.

This year I am trying to be more realistic with my list but going one step further and putting the attainable,achievable, more realistic Summer Goals on here too and I will report back on how much of it I manage to achieve.

16 goals for Summer 2016

  1. Find the time and energy to do things one on one with each of the four children. I could dream big here but realistically I will be satisfied with just some small pockets of time grasped where possible. I would love to be able to say these one to one times will be bathed in sunshine and I will be passing down life lessons to a child while we sit in a meadow making daisy chains but that won’t happen. It is more likely to be me asking the boy child can I have one of his earphones so I can watch Minecraft tips on YouTube with him or picking up stones for absolutely no reason whatsoever with the toddler. But realistic goals are the brief. Small acorns and all that.
  2. Try and give the older children a little bit more freedom and responsibility and beat down the screaming voices in my head that they will get kidnapped/knocked down/ struck by lightning. Fun.
  3. I would like  each of my non toddler children to be able to make a meal by themselves by the end of August. The six-year-old is already well on the way to this, she can prep and chop vegetables more competently than I can. My boy child is unable to close the fridge door after removing a processed pre prepared snack from it. So varying levels of progression to go through on this one.
  4. Not lose my shit. To be honest this is more of a life goal but the odds of it happening are much higher in the summer time.
  5. Get outside every single day.
  6. Get dressed every single day – Don’t judge me. This is an attainable goals list.
  7. Stop throwing money at ways to entertain my children. This is a necessity as well as a goal due to point 9.
  8. Put my phone/laptop away and be a bit more present than I have been.
  9. Have my marriage survive a driving holiday.
  10. Get through my Summer reading list whilst still being present. ( see point 8).
  11. Don’t spend more than 45 minutes talking about how I am free-falling towards 40 and listing out all the things I should have achieved by now  when I turn 38 next month.
  12. Not Shout.
  13. Visit one new place in the city or country every week.
  14. Watch all 7 series of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix with child number one. (See point number 1) Six hours in, Ninety one hours to go. It’s better than I remembered.
  15. Not pack in my life to move to Connecticut to live a Gilmore Girls inspired life because I will remember to realise that, that  is not realistic.
  16. Instagram the shit out of all the above with #makingmemories #happy #allthatgoodshit and hope it’s true and the memories of  #makingmemories are of the good variety.




9 thoughts on “Achievable Summer Goals

  1. Awfully Chipper says:

    This is a much better list than my entirely over-ambitious list, which fell apart after a day and a half.
    I have just got my kids hooked on the Great British Bake-Off on YouTube. I’m seeing this as the first step towards having masterchefs in the family.

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