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I am always wary of people who don’t drink coffee. Especially parents of young children. How do they survive without it? Are they secret coke fiends? All questions I ask myself when I hear someone say “no thanks I don’t drink coffee“. I realise this says more about me than them.

Me?  I am a caffeine enthusiast. Some days I a made up of two parts human, two parts coffee. Its my fuel. Its drags me into  wide- awakeness.  It allows me to sit and be still for a few minutes. It wakes me up again later in the day when I really want to climb into the pile of warm clothes straight from the dryer and sleep. I like coffee. Proper coffee.

I photograph my coffee almost as often as I drink it.........

I photograph my coffee almost as often as I drink it………

We’ve had a Nepresso machine for a couple of years. I used to love it. The coffee was hassle free to make and it done the job.  It has its faults though. Nepresso- Nestle. Nestle the company with morally repugnant practices. Also coffee pods are really awful for the environment. Nasty. On a more selfish personal level, Nepresso pods are only available online or from the Nepresso store, so not easy to buy when you run out.  I think every supermarket have its own brand of Nepresso compatible pods now but none of them are as nice and I am fairly sure they damage the machine and they definitely invalid the warranty of it.

Then I was told of the Aeropress and it’s wonders by my parenting blogger friends Mind The Baby, The Airing Cupboard and Proper Fud and  as I am easily digitally influenced I bought one the same week. I was converted within 24 hours.


The Aeropress makes seriously seriously good coffee.  It is a little bit trickier to use than a pod machine but only marginally and you get used to making it after a couple of uses.


The best part? It’s really cheap. Most independent coffee shops stock the Aeropress and you can buy  online on Amazon or I found a couple of Irish online stockist’s  –  Coffee Angel,  Badger and Dodo and Java Republic all have them in stock, at the time of writing, at around the €32 mark which includes filter holder and 350 paper filters.

I’ve had my one almost three months now and the old coffee machine has been fully retired. I have had two incidences where in a sleep deprived state I haven’t attached the filter properly so have had exploding coffee in my eyeballs/ ceiling/ counter – everywhere but bar that its been smooth coffee sailing. Also it makes two small cups at a go so as the husband gets up before me some days it’s waiting freshly brewed when I come downstairs. They are the best days.

The Aeropress is a truly wonderful invention and its making the best coffee I have had at home. Strong, non bitter, fresh, tasty coffee. I buy ground coffee and there is no need for a grinder but I still want one. It’s on my list. Also coffee shops will grind coffee beans for you at no charge when you buy. The smell of freshly ground coffee is unbeatable and also I have found since switching to the Aeropress I am drinking less coffee and am down to 3 cups a day. 3 delicious cups.

Any ground coffee can be used with it and ground coffee is so readily available in any supermarket for when my coffee store ground coffee runs out. I have also discovered loads of tasty Irish coffee brands and have different coffees for different times of the days. I’d highly recommend Red Rooster, 3FE and for supermarket brands Supervalu have a good Java that s less than €3 per bag.

For less than €40 you can buy the Aeropress and a bag of decent coffee. I can’t recommend it more highly, it’s the perfect gift for the caffeine enthusiast in your life and it’s currently my most favourite possession.


My favourite mug

9 thoughts on “Caffeine Enthusiasts – The Aeropress

    • Jill says:

      yeah my husband has one at work. And 2 people in my department have them, and a gang of them take turns buying nice coffee and they all use the aeropress. We have a giant nespresso office machine thing n all, and it’s roundly rejected for the aeropress.

  1. Jill says:

    I have a similar gut response to both Nestle and the environmental factor so when I bought a machine a couple of years ago it was a regular filter machine which I still love. i don’t want a tonne of milk in the coffee anyway, so it’s perfect but there’s loads of low tech frothers out there for a bit of ‘fuzzy milk’ as my kid calls it. I still use the machine, but for just one cup it’s aeropress all the way.

    The aeropress is so deadly though. We’ve one at home, and my husband has one at work.

  2. Tracey Quinn says:

    That’s it. I’m getting Peter one of these for Christmas. I think he’d love it!

    Would you ever make coffee in it and use the aerochinno for frothy milk on top if it’s a latte you fancy?

  3. Emily says:

    Having visited my brother solely for a cup of Aeropress coffee for years,I am now getting one for Christmas, Weehee! So looking forward to a cup of coffee daily. I am a coffee snob, I just can’t bear shite stuff 🙂

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