Gilmore Girls: Teaching My Daugher The Joy of the Binge Watch

Gilmore Girls: Teaching My Daughter The Joy of the Binge Watch

One of the things on my Summer goals list this Summer was for myself and the first-born to watch all seven series of Gilmore Girls. We didn’t make it by the time the Summer holidays ended despite our best efforts, we finished it a little over a month ago and there has been a Stars Hollow shaped gap in our lives since.

I watched Gilmore Girls when it was first released in 2000 but never properly. If I was bunking off college and it was on tv, I watched it. When I was on bed rest when pregnant with aforementioned first born in 2005, I watched some repeats and again when she was a newborn but never back to back in its entirety until this year. I loved it. It’s the box set equivalent of a hug. No violence, no stress, no anxiety, just proper feel good television.

The first born and I watched it over three months and so I introduced her to the joy of the binge watch. She stayed up later than she should have on school nights. There were a couple of weeks where I didn’t really have any proper conversations with the husband because evenings were spent under the covers watching. One  Sunday we really put in serious effort and watched 8 episodes in one day. We took a break to get a drive thru and I didn’t even change out of my slippers, how’s that for good parenting?  It was good though, as well as being a joy to watch, it became our thing. After a couple of months of clashing regularly, our binge watching sessions helped us to just relax in each others company again and it was lovely.

Stars Hollow


Re-watching it now as an adult I learned new things from Gilmore Girls such as some men look better when wearing caps, sympathy for  Emily and Richard, Lane deserved more plot lines, being a parent to an adult might be just as hard as parenting a toddler and Jesus Rory makes some really bad choices when it comes to men. The biggest star of the show though for me was Stars Hollow, I realise it’s a fictional place but I had more than one conversation with the husband about the possibility of moving to Connecticut. He’s more grounded in reality than I am and doesn’t think its a runner, I am not giving up hope though.  I want to live there and drink coffee and have quirky people know my business  and live in a town that has pumpkin and snowmen festivals and where it snows and there are town meetings and diners where you have to eat breakfast in every day.

I might be alone in wanting to introduce binge watching to a child but if you want to do the same or are just looking for something pleasant to watch on Netflix that your child can enjoy too, go watch or re watch Gilmore Girls. Its funny and quirky and stress free and its soothing watching away from the harrowing reality of the world right now.  Things I think or hope  my daughter got from  watching the Gilmore Girls : the importance of family. ambition and community, its fine to prefer books to partying sometimes, social divides still exist , hard work pays off, coffee can fix some things and hopefully that it’s  okay to be friends with your mother.

The new episodes Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is released  in ten days time on November 25th on Netflix. Four 90 minute episodes. I am  more excited than I should be. I assume as its Netflix they will be released at midnight? I also assume it would be bad parenting to  take the child off school that  day so we can watch them as soon as they are available?

Trailer for new episodes below.


12 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls: Teaching My Daughter The Joy of the Binge Watch

  1. shinnersandthebrood says:

    And what a great place to start! Did she love it? I watched them all on my first mat leave when E4 was showing them first thing in the morning. I’m LOVING the buzz around the revival. Roll on November 25th! And yes, it’s TOTALLY acceptable to want to, or even make plans to move to Conneticut!

  2. 30 and beyond says:

    I’m watching it now while I’m on sick leave; it’s utter and complete bliss. I also would like to live in Stars Hollow, preferably in Lorelai’s house.

    I’m half way through series 3…hurrah for sick leave!

  3. fancypaperblog says:

    This is my sister and I. Watching Gilmore Girls. Love it. Stars Hollow is also my dream destination to live. Coffee burgers and quirkier people than at every turn. An amazing festival at every turn. Who can forget the Living Art festival? Amazing

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