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My friend Kate of Kate Takes 5 is celebrating six years of blogging and 1 million views with a listography so I thought I would join in with a list of some of my favourite blog posts. 

This blog is five years old now and its views are a bit short of Kate’s. It continues to surprise me that people read my ramblings, it astounds me when I look at the analytics and see how many have read my posts over the years. I blog in fits and starts and I wonder regularly at the moment is this blog reaching its natural demise but its  by far and away the hobby I have stuck with the longest so its lives to fight another day, for now.

Favourite blog posts are kind of like favourite children, it varies depending on the day. I have spent the last hour reading back through some of my old blog posts , five years worth and I have come to the conclusion that my life is a lot easier now.  I also smirked at the several mentions of how I would never have to toilet train/ deal with a toddler again from 2012 and 2013.  Some of my favourite posts are ones I later unpublished as they were too personal and now as my children grow older I am much more aware of how much of their lives I should share online. I am more comfortable over sharing my own life rather than theirs.

So five of my favourite posts …….

1- 11 Things Nobody Tells you About Childbirth- This is my all time most read post. I wrote it one Sunday night whilst watching tv and never thought it would be read so many times as it has been. nomakeupselfie


2.    My eyeball injury because re reading it made me oh so grateful now that life is a little easier.



3. My unplanned homebirth is another favourite but Jesus the world and his wife know about that so another favourite from that time was this post about the Fourth Trimester.



4. The time we had a pool party for my daughter makes the list too because I can laugh now and I will always laugh picturing the look of horror on the husbands face in the swimming pool.



5.ish . I am going to have to cheat and do six not five because I feel I need to mention Jack our Giraffe because almost two years on, he is the most incredibly loved toy and is played with regularly and well I feel justified by that random purchase but my officially number five is a post I wrote when the boy turned five.



Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Five

  1. socialbridge says:

    Please, please, please don’t even think about stopping blogging as I depend on you for a good belly laugh. I’ve loved all the posts you’ve listed and many, many more.

    Keep well, dear friend!

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