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Where Did All The Pee Go? Pampers Baby-Dry

I have been buying nappies as part of my weekly shop for over ten years and Pampers have always been my nappy of choice.  I have used  Pampers  on my four children so when they got in touch to ask would I be interested in trying out and demonstrating an upgrade to their Baby Dry product, I was happy to take part and to find out more.

Pampers have launched a new innovation and upgrade to their Baby-Dry nappies adding 3 Absorbing Channels to each nappy.  The 3 Absorbing Channels and Micro Pearls distribute wetness in the nappy , locking it away for up to 12 hours so babies or toddlers wake up with less wet bulk in the morning.

I tested out the nappies earlier this week by pouring 250ml of water into a nappy.Baby Dry Where Does All The Pee Go?








The inside of the nappy dried almost instantly and there was no resulting feeling of dampness so the baby or toddlers skin would not be touching off wetness or dampness. I was surprised by just how quickly the nappy dried, so where does the pee go?

I  could see the 3 Absorbing Channels and the Micro Pearls once I cut through the nappy. These run the length of the nappy so the wetness is locked away evenly and there is no bulk in the nappy.Pampers Baby Dry Where Does the Pee Go?







I then left the nappy over night ( filled with 250ml of water) and it hadn’t bulked out overnight. It was only marginally thicker than an unused one and both the inside of the nappy, where the baby or toddlers skin rests, and the outside of the nappy were completely dry.  So a baby or toddler wearing this nappy overnight will wake up as dry as when they went to bed. The technology is impressive. The toddler now goes 12-13 hours  at night without having her nappy changed, knowing she is not sleeping in dampness and is comfortable is very reassuring.

I know there are many reasons why a baby or toddler wake at night but having a wet or soggy nappy doesn’t have to be one.  Overnight dryness means your baby or toddler will be more comfortable and content as they sleep. With New Pampers Baby-Dry, babies will wake up in the morning as dry as when they went to bed, and you’ll be left wondering ” Where did all the pee go?

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions, as always, are my own. 

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