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Things I Love of Late- Sleepy Lotion, OMGWACA , My Kids Shoes and Daniel Tiger

I love this time of year. I am readjusting quickly to some blissful quite hours alone every day. My kids are fighting about conkers and I have the heating on. Other things I am enjoying, I have listed below, some mini reviews if you will! With the exception of a Netflix subscription all items were bought and paid for. Nothing sponsored just my thoughts on things I have liked, loved or enjoyed recently



Oh My God What A Complete Aisling The Novel – Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen



Aisling is the creation of Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen. She is the girl we all know in some form who is from the country and lives in Dublin. She walks to work in her runners carrying her work shoes in her BT bag. We all are a little bit Aisling. Aisling has now transitioned from her 40,000 strong Facebook group to publication. I suspect and hope the first of many.

As a long-term Aisling fan, I was really looking forward to reading this but it exceeded my expectations, I expected it to make me laugh and it did but it also made me cry. Its funny. Its poignant. Its familiar and its so exquisitely Irish. It’s like comfort eating in book form, I couldn’t put it down once I started it. Its available in book shops now, RRP of €14.99, highly recommend.



Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood

daniel_tigers_neighborhood_logoIf you have a toddler/ preschooler you are probably aware of Daniel Tiger. Maybe its the joy of breaking away from years of watching Peppa Pig or the break from  the Paw Patrol theme tune but Daniel is a joy. It’s a great little show based around Daniel who is a tiger but lives the life of a normal small child ( don’t over think kids tv, no good can ever come from it) and all the ups and downs that come with being 3 or 4. New sibling, toilet training, friends not wanting to play with you etc and it explains feelings and suggests ways to deal with things when you are sad, angry or hurt and repeats the message usually in a song. A catchy song. My neighbours are used to me walking up the road or walking the dog with my resting bitch face so they must be stunned to now see me usually  “It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood” the theme tune from Daniel, loudly. It’s an ear worm. I am singing it right now that I have typed out the line……….Its currently available on Netflix*. I even came across an article the other day about that research has shown Daniel Tiger helps kids to develop social  and emotional skills once parents watch it and discuss it with them.  There are few  kid’s tv shows I will tolerate watching without finding fault but Daniel is deadly.



Zara Kids Shoe Collection


I wish my feet were tiny and I could fit them into Zara’s current kids shoe collection. They aren’t though, I have the feet size of an average sized man, sadly and so I am jealous of my two smaller girls school shoes.

The seven-year old rejects plain school shoes as it’s the only part of her Monday to Friday wardrobe that she gets a say in  her boots make her happy when she is putting on her uniform. The toddler’s shoes have floppy bows on them, how could they do anything but bring joy. The boots were €35.99  they have laces but also zip up at the side and the runners with bows in toddler sizes were €19.99. There are also available in older girls sizes ( but not adult men sizes, sadly).




Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush profits must be soaring of late due to the popularity of its Sleepy Body Lotion. A few weeks ago anywhere I looked online, people were raving about the sleep inducing qualities. As someone who struggles regularly with insomnia with a three-year old who just doesn’t need that much sleep and three other children who have been staying up too late all summer, I was intrigued and was happy to leap onto this bandwagon.  I got my hands on a tub about ten days ago.


The Sleepy lotion is  made from oatmeal, lavender, cocoa butter and  tonka and about 20 other natural ingredients  and like all Lush products it’s not tested on animals. My kids are mad for Lush products, they love the bath bombs, they love the scent in the shop and I often find the smells overwhelming so it was a bit of a surprise they weren’t mad about how it  smells but I love the scent, its instantly calming.

I have tried the lotion on all of the kids and the results are mixed. My older two didn’t love the smell and while they tend to want to stay up later than they should do, they don’t have issues sleeping. Both of them had vivid and unpleasant dreams the night I put the lotion on them, it could be coincidence. The first night I put it on the toddler she slept for 11-12 hours. As she has every other night I have put it on. She has also slept for 11-12 hours on the nights I haven’t put it on. I am afraid to jinx it after over 3 years of broken sleep, she now sleeps. I don’t know if its her age, starting preschool or the lotion but she is sleeping. Sing Hallelujah ( quietly).

I really like it. I have been slathering it on and I am sleeping much better the last week or so. I think it’s the scent, it’s really rich and calming without being overwhelming and the lotion is lovely, really thick without being greasy and my skin is really soft and well moisturized from it. I am a fan and even without its sleep inducing qualities it’s a good body lotion.  I will buy again when this one runs out.

I bought the larger tub and I think I paid €19.95. Its 13.95 pounds on the Lush UK site if you don’t live near a Lush store  and cheaper possibly to buy online with the current sterling rates if you use Parcel Motel or one of those delivery companies as international shipping is a hefty 7.95 sterling.


I was meant to be partaking in #nospendseptember It didn’t work out. Limited spend September it is, less catchy , more realistic.


* Disclosure* I am a member of the  Netflix Stream Team. I receive a Netflix subscription and in return post Netflix reviews and news. As always, all opinions are my own and we have had a paid personal Netflix account for years.



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