They Get That From Me

Do you partake in this activity regularly too? You know the one where you pick out things from your kids appearance or behaviour and attribute it to yourself of your partner? I think it’s a standard activity as a parent.

My husbands genes won out with our eldest three children. They all look like him and each other. Brown hair, brown eyes, they have some of my features but they  predominantly look like the husband and his family. Then the new one came along and she looks like me. It was a shock when her eyes didn’t turn to brown but stayed blue like mine and her hair is blonde and despite being the size of a mouse she has a double chin. All me. Continue reading


A Plague Upon My House

Relatively speaking this is a healthy household. Last month, the flu struck in various strengths knocking out some of us but not all of us. Two weeks of illness through the house. It was long but we all recovered. I was optimistic that was our annual illness out-of-the-way.

Monday night, the baby was sick during the night. Nothing too bad. I didn’t  think too much off it and she was still a bit off on Tuesday but mostly fine. I went to bed on Tuesday night reassured she was better oblivious to the Armageddon like hell that would await me the next morning.  Continue reading


Things That Annoy My Small Child

Things that have annoyed my almost 22 month old of late:

When she wakes from a nap and discovers that I don’t sit and watch her sleep and I am not right there waiting for her to wake up.

That when she states “ want something nice”, there is nothing nice to eat in the house, just non chocolate covered foods.

That she is unable to skate on a skateboard or scoot on a scooter but she wears protective head gear in preparation for it happening, nonetheless. Continue reading


Semi Redundant


I have noticed of late that I don’t have to answer so many questions . If one of the children asks a question, one of the others usually chimes in with an answer. This will hopefully come in handy when the new one hits the but why stage in a year or two.  A bigger or sometimes smaller sibling will answer a homework question or give a more detailed reply to a question than I do. Its good. Continue reading


Occupation: Washer Woman.


I was filling out a form the other day and I came very close to stating my occupation as being a washer woman. All I do is laundry. I wash the clothes, I dry the clothes and I put away the clothes. I don’t iron the clothes because I also have to feed the children, dress the children, drive the children to  places, collect the children from  places, spend considerable amounts of time and money in supermarkets and breathe; so I don’t have time to iron. Washer woman would be the most apt description of what I do at the minute. I am a sleep deprived washer woman.  Continue reading


My White Couch

I got in into my head a few months ago that I would really like a white couch. Our current couch had served us well. It was a corner one that had withheld 8 years of babies, toddlers,  spills and accidents but it was no longer comfortable and it needed to go and so my desire for a white couch was born.

I looked online at loads of them and the desire grew stronger. I shared with my suggestion of a white couch with the husband. He laughed and laughed and laughed. Continue reading

The Tooth Fairy- That's the main drain on my tiny income this month.

13 Unexpected Costs of Raising Small Children

Before I had children, I had an idea of costs. Clothes, food, shoes, Christmas etc. You never really think of the other costs the ones that sneak up on you and use up all of your disposable income. These are some of the reasons I don’t have nice things.


1.The Tooth Fairy. She is due to visit again tonight. Its her 7 th visit in two weeks. SEVENTH. Three children all of wiggly tooth age with one teething ready to start the drain on my disposable income all over again in a few years time.  An elaborate tooth fairy rates card has come about over the years, with different rates for different teeth. So one has to remember not only to put the money out and retrieve the tooth, one has to remember the correct coin and the fucking glitter. Precious first-born lost her  first tooth, seemed like a nice idea. It was a stupid idea. Don’t introduce it. Also I have a box of teeth in my room. A box of body parts if you will. Why do we do that? What do people do with them? Am I meant to just store them indefinitely?  Continue reading

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The Littlest One

The new one is 15 months old. I love this age, they start to become good company around now , the small humans. It’s not just the loop of feeding, changing, washing, feeding, changing, they start to become fun. I think their personalities start to really shine through around the 15 month mark. The personality we are seeing from this one, is full on bat shit crazy at times. Great news for her future friends, I am sure she is going to be great craic to go out on the piss with in twenty years time, as a parent it’s entertaining with twinges of holy fuck what is she going to be like as a toddler, tween, teenager etc. Continue reading