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Two and A Bit

I was worried this week about the toddler as her siblings went back to school. She insisted on getting a new school bag. She kicked her boots off in a rage in a packed shoe shop last week to have her feet measured for school shoes too. She told anyone who would listen to her that she was going to school and then in typical unpredictable toddler fashion she waved off the other three, normal service resumed and apart from one request to “please just bring me to a little school Mam” she has been content to get back to routine of pottering around the house while the other’s are in school. Continue reading

Looking back and looking forward

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Last week, my six-year-old stayed up later than normal and was too tired to change into her pyjamas. It was only when I asked her to put her hands up so I could take her t-shirt off that it stuck me that it had been months since I done this. I couldn’t remember the last time I helped her to get ready for bed. She does it herself. She does lots of things herself. She always has done, having a brother and a sister who are older than her has always encouraged her to rush to do what they are doing. But she’s only six and a half, a baby really. Continue reading


They Get That From Me

Do you partake in this activity regularly too? You know the one where you pick out things from your kids appearance or behaviour and attribute it to yourself of your partner? I think it’s a standard activity as a parent.

My husbands genes won out with our eldest three children. They all look like him and each other. Brown hair, brown eyes, they have some of my features but they  predominantly look like the husband and his family. Then the new one came along and she looks like me. It was a shock when her eyes didn’t turn to brown but stayed blue like mine and her hair is blonde and despite being the size of a mouse she has a double chin. All me. Continue reading

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F&F – Clothing at Tesco,Back to School Shopping- Our Thoughts

Back to School COSTS

The Irish League of Credit Unions recently surveyed over 1000 parents on back to school costs. As a parent of three primary school going children, their findings didn’t shock me. Their results showed the cost of back to school has increased each year over the past four, over 30% of parents will get into debt for back to school costs and  one in ten parents will sacrifice spending on food to make up the costs. The research found that back to school costs ( including extra-curricular activities) now stands at €967 for primary school children and €1474 for secondary school children.  You can read their full findings here and their advice is “Avoid Money Lenders, Shop around and Plan a Budget” Continue reading


Ways in Which I Disappointed My Children This Week.

As always,this list is not exhaustive………..

When I wasn’t aware maths has changed, again. Who can keep up? Not me ,to my son’s disappointment. I dare you to say “carry the one” next time you are helping with maths homework. It’s a sure-fire way to break an 8-year-old.

When I sang  50 Cent’s In Da Club on the walk to school on my daughters tenth birthday .

When I put my foot down on the tandem feeding and refused to breastfeed Olaf from Frozen.
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A Plague Upon My House

Relatively speaking this is a healthy household. Last month, the flu struck in various strengths knocking out some of us but not all of us. Two weeks of illness through the house. It was long but we all recovered. I was optimistic that was our annual illness out-of-the-way.

Monday night, the baby was sick during the night. Nothing too bad. I didn’t  think too much off it and she was still a bit off on Tuesday but mostly fine. I went to bed on Tuesday night reassured she was better oblivious to the Armageddon like hell that would await me the next morning.  Continue reading


Get Crafty by Ali Coghlan- A gorgeous book and a give away.

I am a member of the can’t craft, don’t craft club. I joined after too many failed attempts and helping my kids make anything and now I rely on my kids to unleash their artistic sides in school. Our craft box, until this week, was lying dusty with a few broken pipe cleaners and some four-year old paints. I am shit. I am a shit crafting parent. My kids enthusiastically gather recyclable items to make art from and I put them in the green bin when they go to bed.  Continue reading